Masconomet High School Boys Ice Hockey Booster Club – Mission Statement

The mission of the Masconomet High School Boys Hockey Association (Booster Club) is to promote the hockey program within the Tri-Town community, and support the players, coaches, school administrators and player families involved in the program.

The Association consists of a Board of Directors, player parents and community members who support the program through membership and volunteer activities. The principal objective of the Association is to raise funds for the hockey program, and in so doing ensure the quality and ongoing improvement of the program and the players’ experience.

The Association is a non-profit group that operates under an established set of by-laws that prescribe how the organization conducts business.

Board of Directors 2016-2017

President- Bruce Major            

Vice President- Mark Cameron

Treasurer- Jeanne McNamara

Clerk- Scott Young                  

Member- Mike Bennett            

Member- Lisa Cameron          

Member- Jon Campbell           

Member- Dave McKenna